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  • Tubing Extrusion

    Materials: PUR , PA , Pebax , PVC , PP , PE , PS , PC , POM , FEP , PEEK etc.

    Structures: Single Lumen,Multi Lumen,Bump Tube,Parallel Tube,Solid Rod,Solid Shapes,Co-extrusion Tubing,Braided Reinforced Tube,Balloon Tubing etc.

  • Coiled & Braided Tubing

    Inner Layer: PTFE Coating

    Middle Layer: Coiled Spring / Braided Stainless Steel

    Outer Layer: PA / PU

  • Ureteral Stent Sets

    Specification: 4.7F / 6F / 7F / 8F or customized.

    Material: Polyurethane

    Production Process: Extrusion, Tipping, Bore Punch, Ring Printing, Shape form etc.

  • Ureteral Access Sheath

    Specification: 9.5F / 10F / 11F / 12F / 14F or customized.

    Material: Pebax, Coiled Stainless Steel, PTFE Inner.

  • Dilation and Drainage Set

    Configurations: Dilator (8F-30F) , Peelable Sheath (12F-30F) , Drainage Catheter (8F-26F) , Guiding Needle (25G-14G) , Guidewire (0.028",0.032",0.035",0.038") and connectors.

  • HC & CVC

    Specification: Double Lumen, Triple Lumen or customized.

    French: 5F / 5.5F / 6F / 7F / 8F / 12F or customized.

  • Enteral Nutrition Tube

    Specification: 4F-24F or customized.

    Characteristics: X-Ray lines or full radiopaque.

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Focus on the development and production of precision medical plastic catheters.

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       Enovewas established in year of 2007,who is specialized in researching, manufacturing and marketing precision plastic medical tubes. We can also provide customized plastic tubes and full-stop service totally according to your requirement. We have been the leader of the industry for medical tube designing and manufacturing and have always provided excellent services for thousands of home and abroad customers so far.……