Employees are the most valuable wealth of enterprises, outstanding staff to create outstanding enterprises, Enove is willing to create all the conditions for employees, let them grow together with enterprise, to share the joy of success.
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Perfect training system

Follow a concept of "training is the greatest welfare of employees", Hundreds of thousands per year, by professional institutions from hiring well-known lecturers, elite teachers to the company teaching, internal trainer lectures, joint school, study tours, etc., to provide full coverage of the staff Training.

Sound promotion channel

Adhere to the implementation of the "competition for posts" mechanism for employees to stand out, to show their aspirations to achieve the value of life to provide a good development platform; The implementation of "management - technology - mechanics" three-channel mechanism, concerned about the technical staff and craftsmen development channel.

Good sharing mechanism

The establishment of equity incentive, ultra-target incentives and other benefits sharing mechanism, at the same time every year to provide staff training at home and abroad, tourism, service awards, staff physical examination, meal subsidies and many other benefits to create "sunshine, development, sharing" and "happiness."

Intimate human care

"The difficulty of the staff, that is, our work; staff satisfaction, is it our success." The implementation of the "health, entertainment, career, emotional" and other aspects of staff care, "star" standard to promote staff logistics services for employees to create a "home" feeling is an important component of harmonious enterprise construction.