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Enove Anji Leisure Tour

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From November 3 to 4, 2018, in order to celebrate the company's 11th anniversary, hundreds of employees of Enove went to Anji, the most beautiful village, for a memorable and joyful leisure trip.

 In the autumn, Anji is a natural oxygen bar. The mountains are stacked and tall and straight; the bamboo sea is green, quiet and beautiful. We temporarily put down the troubles of work, get close to nature, embrace nature, feel its breadth and freshness, and release stress and enthusiasm!

At this moment, we are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air

pollution and the intense work...

Challenge the thrilling crocodile bridge, glass bridge and fearless


Stop-and-go, chat very happy


The wonderful performances in Baicaoyuan , and we feel that Heaven’s

rewards and rewards.

Hidden Dragon Waterfall, closely linked, one step, step by step firm,

towards the peak.

Entering the bamboo sea, a verdant green, fresh air soothes the mood

Best wishes for Enove and who have a birthdayin the  month.

Long Dengtai - the highest peak of the Hidden Dragon Waterfall, will

 always see the most  beautiful scenery in the end.

Enove Family Portrait


Anji trip, linger, we in the aftertaste of this period of travel, we have to start a new round of intense work! Everyone in Enove, for the future to see more beautiful scenery, fighting!

Enove resumed production work....

Liu Hao who is a member of Standing Committee,party secretary of Chongchuan dist.....

The 2019 Enove Annual Celebration has been grandly held...

The 2019 Enove Annual Celebration has been grandly held....