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Enove Tonglu County Autumn Tour

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Enove Autumn Tour and 12th Anniversary Celebration Report

    On the first weekend of November in the fall season,Enove organized more than 100 employees to go to Tonglu county, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province for an autumn tour in order to relax and close to the nature,at the same time,enrich the leisure cultural life of employees and enhance the team cohesion.

    The first attraction:The beauty spot of Grandma’s home.

    With the bright sunshine and fresh air,we were so happy to chat with partners in such a beautiful view.From time to time,coming the laughter.Everyone took photos with the view.It was so harmonious.

    The second attraction:Yaolin Wonderland.

    We were so amazed about the wonderland what is much deep,strange and shapely.More than 20 Chinese myths and legends stories were shown to us by means of the modern scenery,lighting,sound and other effects.

    The third attraction:The Fuchun River and Yan Ziling Mountain.

    The river seems to melt into the sky at the horizon.The villages and towns with strong local characteristic showed us comfortable feelings.

    Finally,we went kayaking on the Fuchun River.It was vital exciting that we enjoyed the speed and wind.

    Better yet,some staffs happened to celebrate birthday with Enove together.

    During this excursion,we not only relaxed, but also enjoyed the beautiful scenery.At the same time,it promoted communication and  passion.Let us to happy 12th anniversary to Enove and look forward to the next trip.

Enove resumed production work....

Liu Hao who is a member of Standing Committee,party secretary of Chongchuan dist.....

The 2019 Enove Annual Celebration has been grandly held...

The 2019 Enove Annual Celebration has been grandly held....