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Multi-Lumen Tube

Product Overview:

Multi-lumen tube is the same tube with multi-pipe tube, can have a variety of different shapes and lumen shapes,

can be used as a guide wire, liquid and other objects at the same time involved in a tube body.

It is being widely used in medical devices and a variety of equipment.
Our advanced technology to ensure that the product in the cavity shape, size, area, wall thickness and the high precision meet all customer needs.

Technical Information:
1. Has a different shape of the lumen to choose from;
2. Wall thickness smallest to 0.025mm (0.001")
3. Tolerance to be:±0.025mm (0.001”)

1. Rapid Extrusion Solution;
2. Advanced processing technology and integrated quality control to ensure consistency of the lumen;
3. Dedicated equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers;
4. Closed - loop control to minimize size differences;
5. Good reproducibility, to ensure each batch of product quality and stability.

Product consulting

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